Exploiting the partitioning constancy/inconstancy of Membership Categorization Devices: Evidence from age categorization

Apostolos Poulios


This paper explores the usefulness of Harvey Sacks’s notions of partitioning constancy and inconstancy of membership categorization devices (MCDs) for the study of age identity construction. Partitioning constancy and inconstancy were shown by Sacks (1992a, b) to be two properties of MCDs that establish members’ co-membership or cross-membership with other members. The relevance of these properties for age categorization is shown through the analysis of conversational fragments in which middle-aged or older people either distance themselves from the categories old or older person and their negative attributes or endorse these categories and their positive characteristics.


ethnomethodology, conversation analysis, membership categorization device, age identity, partitioning constancy/inconstancy

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