Exploring the development of Greek (non)temporal connectives with a Story Retelling Production Task

Maria Papakonstantinou


The study aims to investigate the acquisition of the Greek connectives enό (=while/even though), kaθόs (=while/since) and afu (=after/since), which are ambiguous between a temporal and a non-temporal interpretation, and compare them with the unambiguous temporal όtan (=when). A short-story retell task (i.e. elicited production) was incorporated to answer our research aims. Four child groups aged 5;6, 7;8, 9;10 and 11;6 and a group of adult controls participated in the task. The results showed that the temporal interpretation of the ambiguous connectives is reproduced more than the non-temporal one. Unambiguous όtan is most frequently primed in the younger ages.


ambiguous, (non)temporal, connectives, verbal aspect, prime

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