From ‘languaging’ to ‘translanguaging’: Reconsidering foreign language teaching and testing through a multilingual lens

Maria Stathopoulou


This paper is the result of a research project exploring the complex nature of interlinguistic mediation, i.e., a translanguaging activity which involves relaying of information from one language to another. Although it is essential for individuals in today's multilingual societies to have acquired the skills that will enable them to use two or more languages in a parallel fashion (an ability also foreseen by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages - CEFR), mediation has not received much attention. Given this void, this paper stresses the urgent need for the implementation of foreign language programmes that will support the development of interlinguistic mediation strategies and points to the role of language testing in the effort to promote multilingualism.


interlinguistic mediation, translanguaging, multilingual programme, multilingual testing

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