The Graduate Real Estate Program at the Technion in Israel: Rationale and Implementation Process

Yerach Doytsher, Rachelle Alterman


Israel’s real estate market is a central component of the country’s land‐planning, its economy and society. The country’s high population growth, high density and high property prices have created special challenges for decision makers and developers alike. A unique real estate regime has emerged, and a complex system of laws and taxes imposed especially on real estate. Land‐related decisions ‐ public or private ‐ have far‐reaching economic, environmental and social ramifications. Although the need for specialized professionals in the field of real estate is obvious, until recent years no such academic training existed. This paper describes the emergence of the country’s first dedicated realestate degree, the process of forming the program within the framework of the Technion ‐
Israel Institute of Technology, the program’s structure and the contents of the courses offered. The conclusions pertain to the level of implementation and success.

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