OBSERVE project competition

OBSERVE project competition: "Promoting use of Earth Observation Data for the social benefit of the Balkans".

by Petros Patias

Join the OBSERVE competition and team with us in Thessaloniki

The OBSERVE project, a project funded by the European Commission under its FP7 program, is organising a competition which aims at promoting use of Earth Observation data in the Balkans.

Participants from the Balkans and beyond are invited to analyze given air quality data sets provided by the PROMOTE project and to report their findings to the organizers of the competition. The results shall describe typical phenomena that are contained in the data such as pollution levels, their spatial relationships, temporal evolutions, etc.

We expect to attract interest from academia (in particular, college students) as well as from individuals being employed by institutions that want to learn more about the potential of using Earth Observation data for the benefit of the Balkans

Submit your results and team with us in Thessaloniki for free

The prize winners will be given the opportunity to present their results during the final event of the OBSERVE project that will be organized October 2012 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Travel funding (air tickets, accommodation and registration fee, for OBSERVE’s final event in Thessaloniki) will be offered to the prize winners by the OBSERVE project.

Furthermore the prize winners’ contributions will be published to SEEJoEOG (South-Eastern European Journal of Earth Observation and Geomatics).

The deadline for submitting your results is June 30, 2012 (extended deadline).

Download the detailed guidelines for the OBSERVE competition and join us in Thessaloniki 2012. Detailed information regarding the competition can be downloaded from our website at the competition section.

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