Il mecenate Costantino Licudi e la monodia di Michele Psello in memoria di Maria Sclerena (Poem 17 Westerink)

Frederick Lauritzen


Psellos’ funerary poem in memory of Maria Skleraina (Poem 17 Westerink) was formally addressed to the emperor Constantine IX Monomachos and to her family, but actually the main recipient of the poem was the imperial minister (mesazon) Constantine Leichoudes, future patriarch of Constantinople (1059-1063). Psellos wrote the poem within the cultural atmosphere promoted by Leichoudes at the complex of Saint George of the Mangana, where she was buried. Thus Leichoudes was part of the culture at the court of Constantine IX Monomachos, in a similar manner to Maecenas under the emperor Augustus.



Michael Psellos, Constantine Leichoudes, Maria Skleraina, Constantine IX Monomachos, Saint George of the Mangan,

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