An ethnopharmacological survey in Paphos district of Cyprus: the hypoglycemic and other therapeutical properties of Salvia fruticosa Mill

Maria Mironidou-Tzouveleki, Charalampos Dokos


The current report is analyzing the results of an extensive ethnopharmacological survey accomplished in Paphos district of Cyprus. Local people seem to be very familiar with the use, preparation and therapeutic properties of medical plants, most of which grow in the wild. According to the study, Salvia fruticosa Mill., a specific species of sage, is widely used in Cyprus, especially by local people of Paphos villages as a hypoglycemic agent. Further experimental studies need to be accomplished so as to validate the use of Salvia fruticosa Mill. as a hypoglycemic agent.


Salvia fruticosa Mill, Sage, Paphos, Cyprus, Ethnopharmacology, Hypoglycemic, Phytotherapy

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