A case of a supernumerary third head of the biceps brachii muscle - clinical significance

Konstantinos Natsis, Konstantinos Vlasis, George Tsakotos, Trifon Totlis, Juergen Koebke


A three-headed biceps brachii muscle was found in one male cadaver out of 118 (0.85%) studied, both for educational and research purposes. The supernumerary head of the biceps brachii muscle was located superficially to the normal heads. It was originated from the insertion of the pectoralis major tendon at humerus. At the lower third of the arm, it was merging with the normal biceps brachii muscle and as a conjoint tendon was inserted at the radial tuberosity. The significance of our finding lies on the fact that the location of the supernumerary head was superficial to the other two heads, in contrast to previous reports in the literature. Surgeons and especially orthopaedic surgeons should bear in mind muscular variations like the one reported in the present study.


Arm, Muscles, Biceps brachii, Three heads

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