Journal History

The AUMJ is an open access journal that was first published in 1973 as "Scientific Annals of the Medical School of Thessaloniki". In 2006 it was renamed as "Aristotle University Medical Journal" and is electronically published ever since. It is a thrice-yearly scientific medical journal, embraces the full scope of Medicine, including clinical, laboratory, experimental, administrative and educational aspects. The journal also explores social, legal and ethical issues related to Medicine. The editorial board consists of respected members of the Greek medical society while the international advisory  board consists of opinion-leaders in specific fields. Academic members of Medical and related faculties, as well as physicians and medical science researchers from Greece and abroad are welcome to submit their scientific contribution to AUMJ for consideration for publication, following double blind peer review.

η δικτυακή πύλη της ευρωπαϊκής ένωσης ψηφιακή ελλάδα ΕΣΠΑ 2007-2013