Romanos the Melodist, kontakion "On the Samaritan woman". New critical edition with commentary



Despite the fact that within the 20th century there have been two critical editions and many translations and commentaries of almost all Romanos’ Kontakia (Cantica), there is still much philological work to be done concerning textual criticism, metrics, and location of literary sources. (his is true for the majority of the Kontakia, but becomes more evident when a Hymn is only found in a single manuscript which may additionally be corrupted or mutilated. iis publication is a new critical edition of the Kontakion “On the Samaritan Woman”, and includes new material on: a) constitutio textus, b) metrum, and c) apparatus fontium.
a.i) ie gaps of the single ms. (Patm. 213) have been lled anew, hopefully in a more accurate way (on the basis of digital photographs). a.ii) New corrections or interpretations are proposed for passages considered  incomprehensible or corrupted. a.iii) In several passages the Oxford text (Maas / Trypanis) is preferred to that of the latest edition (Grosdidier de Matons). b.i) iere has been a partly new division of the text in verses, semi-verses, commas. b.ii) A new detailed metrical analysis of the text is oered. ie presence of internal  symmetry between seemingly asymmetrical verses is shown. b.iii) Metrical remarks are visually presented by an overall metrical pattern. c) -n the apparatus fontium a wider selection of similar passages / sources is fully cited (compared to the previous editions), not only from the Bible but also from the whole patristic literature. A Commentary includes discussion of all controversial passages and arguments for all the selections made in the edition. Appendices I and II discuss some orthographical issues.



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